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Method for Winding up Cables etc.

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power cable regularly wound on the drum

Layer 12

Layer 1
after unwinding of layers 2 ... 12


The illustration on the left showing a power cable regularly wound on the drum on Jan. 16, 1990 in our workshop proves: fully automatically winding is possible under usually not very favourable conditions.

The automatic winding process was calculated and controlled by a microprocessor control. The rules of the operating program of this control (software) have been

  1. partly published in DBP 31 01 126 (date of application 15.01.1981) and the corresponding foreign patents, and
  2. partly developed later in the trial stage and are still secret.

We don’t know any other method which provides the means to fully automatically wind up usual cables in layers on normal drums as shown above. Irregularities resulting from the inner structure of such cables like changing diameters and cross-sections, zigzag lines when being bent around the drum as well as the actual dimensions and irregularities of the drum are included into the calculation of the winding program. This generates a winding course independent of random in all layers and thus protects the cable against being damaged by breaking, crushing, or overstretching when being unwound later.

Therefore, we believe that the method tested constitutes the key for automating the winding up of normal cables on normal drums.