Handling Safety

Keep an eye on your eyes !

Dangerous bullet velocity meter

Not with us !
Not with our VM bullet velocity meters:

Accident-safe VM bullet velocity meter

Handling safety

Any measurements of the exit speed made at the muzzle of firearms must be

  • safe and should of course be
  • reliable and
  • easy to carry out.

Our VM bullet velocity meters are the only devices that can fulfill these prerequisites for really all kinds of small arms (rifles, pistols, revolvers):

  • If used in accordance with the operation instructions, safety is ensured by the design, which has been patented in Germany and abroad. This safety has also been confirmed by tests performed by the DEVA (Deutsche Versuchs- und Prüfanstalt für Jagd- und Sportwaffen - German Institute for Testing Hunting and Sporting Weapons) in 1983.
  • Our customers, mainly manufacturers of weapons and ammunition, gunsmiths, police departments, and weapons experts, but also shooting clubs and private reloaders, confirm the reliability and easy handling of our velocity meters.
  • A pellet catcher for airguns available for bullet velocity meters excludes that people accidently present at a demonstration, e. g. in a shop, are endangered if used according to the instructions. Of course the DEVA has examined this pellet catcher, too, and confirmed its safety.