Our bullet velocity meters in standard version have a measuring path of 25 cm, that is why they are called VM 25.
It depends on the kind of weapons to be tested which model of VM 25 is required.

VM 25 M bullet speedometer

For example: VM 25 M
means: The distance between the muzzle and the first light barrier is 0.5 m.
This type is suitable for all sporting weapons (except for black-powder weapons)
and normal hunting weapons.
Here we are just testing a softair gun.

Model VM 25 L is only suitable for airguns, crossbows, and the like (also for applications with flying objects apart from weapons technology, e. g. for nailing and stapling tools); in this case the measuring beams are as short as possible. Caution should be taken when dealing with CO2-pistols, because if there is condensate in front of the pellet, the measurment may be distorted (in this case model VM 25 M is recommended).

With model VM 25 M the measuring beams are lengthened in such a way that the distance between the muzzle and the first light barrier is 0.5 m. This model has proven to be suitable for a wide range of hunting and sporting weapons with a short muzzle flash at speeds up to 1,100 m/s. As a rule, all short-barreled weapons, along with all calibers of rifles up to 8 x 57 IS can be tested without any problems, in other words, all rifle calibers normally used for sports (loaded with nitro powder) and for hunting in Central Europe. Under favorable shooting conditions (barrel of sufficient length and adequate load), this device can even make measurements with calibers up to .300 Win. Mag. However, caution should be taken with rifles of a caliber around 6 mm, which reach bullet velocities over 1,000 m/s with charges that do not burn very fast.

With model VM 25 P, where the distance between the muzzle and the first light barrier is 1.0 m, all rifle calibers can be tested, even in the case of unfavorable conditions with respect to barrel length and burning behavior of the powder; this also applies to all black-powder weapons. This model is also required for shotguns.


for airguns, toy weapons etc.
for short muzzle flash, standard calibers
for long muzzle flash, big calibers, high pressure at the muzzle

Important: All models can be used to test airguns with diabolo ammunition, because the light barriers of all models in standard version have the same sensitivity.

Since gunmakers and dealers employ the bullet velocity meter predominantly within the scope of reloading ammunition for sport and hunting as well as for airguns, the majority of these customers choose model VM 25 M.

Customers such as police departments and weapons experts who as a rule have to deal with all kinds of weapons, tend to prefer model VM 25 P for arms with long muzzle flash.

VM 25 bullet velocity meters can be easily transported and set up. They only need to be directed towards the bullet catcher or adjusted to a target.

The solid and attractive design of our equipment is shown on the picture above.