Optional Extra Equipment and Special Designs

Extra equipment

In case of poor visibility or scattering trajectory of the projectiles we also offer our bullet velocity meters VM 25 with wide light barriers (version ...w).

Instead of the standard power supply by a line adaptor for 115 ... 230 V AC, the bullet velocity meters may also be supplied by a DC/DC converter for 9 ... 36 V DC.

A synchronized trigger for a flash-light available as special option is able to control a flash photograph after the 2nd light barrier has been released, without affecting the measurement.

In order to be able to determine coefficients of the projectile we offer the measurement of the flight time combined with the measurement of the bullet velocity.

Special Designs

VM 200 and VM 100
In case the standard accuracy of 1% of the measured value is not sufficient, measuring paths longer than 25 cm are available. VM 200 is a model of particularly high quality with a measuring path of 2 m length, VM 100 is a bit more space-saving with a measuring path of 1 m length. Both models have two additional control paths of 25 cm each, positioned at the beginning and at the end of this measuring path, which rule out any uncertainty about the measured value.

Especially for integration into safe test rigs for material testing we have developed a further version of the VM 25 velocity meter for flying objects.