New Design for VM 25 Bullet Velocity Meter

We have adapted the proven design of our velocity meters to technical evolution and to experienced practice.

New Design

VM Bullet velocity meter in new design

Previous design:

Previous design of our VM bullet velocity meter.

Of course, the safe principle has been preserved.
Handling is even more comfortable now.


The most important changes:

The operating unit is now housed in a separate control desk which is connected by a cable to the measuring unit.

The examiner / shooter may place the control desk in a position which is most comfortable.
The electronics cannot be disturbed any more by extreme muzzle blast, a previously offered special design is
no more necessary.

We have also renewed the „face“ of the control unit:

New control unit for bullet velocity meters

 Thanks to the desk shape

  • the legibility of the larger display is even better and
  • the operation of the larger keys is even more reliable.

The foil keypad is mechanically more resistant and may be cleaned easily.

Weinlich will further offer the three proven models of VM 25:


for airguns, toy weapons etc.
for short muzzle flash, standard calibers
for long muzzle flash, big calibers, high pressure at the muzzle

The statistic calculator is now included in all models of VM 25 as standard.