Automatic Documentation

All models can be equipped with various possibilities to draw up test reports automatically.

The most simple equipment for printing protocols is a tape printer controlled by the bullet velocity meter. Every time a shot is fired the measured value is printed. If a measured value has been deleted this fact is printed on the tape, too. By pushing a button several times the statistical evaluation can be printed out.

The bullet weight (bullet mass) can be entered manually or transmitted automatically from a connected balance to the bullet velocity meter with a resolution of 0.01 g. The printout for this bullet mass shows not only the maximum, minimum and mean value, but also the kinetic energy and the momentum of the projectile.

Another possibility is to connect the bullet velocity meter to a CRT terminal and a printer. This equipment permits, without a long training period, to draw up complete test reports (including all necessary informations, e. g. reference), which are safe from transmission mistakes and falsification and which, unlike a simple tape, can be filed directly.

Test reports of a equivalent design and quality can also be produced by connecting the bullet velocity meter to a standard PC. In this case only the user's software VP for Windows is required for the PC. It is not necessary to build additional hardware into the PC.

A more detailed comparison of the characteristics of the different systems for documentation is available on request.

A special version of the bullet velocity meter transmits the measured value to other data processing systems after every shot.