Universal engine supports

can be moved ...

... and adjusted easily.

Now even easier !

The unstressed screw nut
can be adjusted without any effort.

For power testing the engines can be mounted on universal engine supports. These can be connected to MP dynamometers and other suitable dynamometers (by Weinlich or other manufacturers) in the same way as the RWB mobile operation trolleys.

Universal engine supports have a higher load capacity, are standing on elastic damping feet and can be moved easily with suitable pallet trucks.

The patented design allows to modify easily the position of an already mounted engine without any further aid and with little effort.
A newly designed lever with seat even minimizes the required effort by enabling the operator to use his body weight optimally.

In order to make it easier to mount and operate the engines additional equipment is available.

Please specify your engine support by using the technical drawing (.pdf).

Technical modifications are reserved.