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Last update: 20.07.2023

Our products: engine dynamometers, base for torque experiments, bullet velocity meters

Measuring and controlling Motions and Forces.

Nothing is sustainable without quality

Engine Testing

Engine Testing and Engines

Since 1980 we have primarily been developing and producing engine performance test beds, control and measurement technology for engine test beds and engine supports for internal combustion engines as interchangeable components of engine dynamometers and for other applications. Our website www.engine-dynamometers.com provides detailed information about our modular equipment for engine performance testing.

High torque experiments

Base for High Torque Experiments

Modular system for high torque experiments in the lab.

Bullet velocity metering

Bullet Velocity Meters

Our VM velocity meters guarantee accident-proof, easy and reliable measurements of muzzle velocity on all handguns, from air rifles to large calibres. Special designs are also suitable for applications outside of firearm technology, e. g. for installation in safe test rigs for material testing. All designs and models can be equipped in different ways for automatic documentation.

Winding up cables

Cooperation- or License Agreement:
Method for Winding Up Cables

Patented process for automating the winding of common cables onto common drums.