Effective training

Coloured print-out by DiaWMP ComputerSpark-ignition engine with automatic transmission on RWB truckSuccessful trainer in actionMotorleistungsprüfstand MP 80Fuel consumption meteringDiaW - Diagram for WindowsColoured print-out by DiaWEvaluation, display and control unit

The experimental arrangement:

Effective training

4-stroke spark-ignition engine with automatic transmission at the MP 100 S engine test bed .

  • Different load states are adjusted at the engine and the test bed.
  • The fuel tank of the engine is placed on a precision balance with data transmission to the MP Computer. The MP Computer automatically calculates the specific fuel consumption.
  • The PC containing the "DiaW - Diagram for Windows" software is connected to the MP Computer via its standard serial interface. Here the results are recorded and displayed as characteristic curves. The complete diagram can be printed out in color.
  • Easy and safe operation enables the teacher to focus his efforts to explanation.
  • The students experience with all their senses how the engine works.
  • After a brief instruction the students are able to work with the engine test bed on their own.